Tips for Working from Home

When the 2020 quarantine began, and we were all going a little stir crazy, I decided to distract myself by making a short film. At the time almost everything was shut down, so I didn't have access to any “professional" equipment. What I did have, however, was an iPhone and a cool, new anamorphic lens.


I remembered that a few years ago Steven Soderbergh made a feature film (Unsane) on an iPhone. I thought it looked pretty good. I figured if Soderbergh could do it, so could I. 


But before principal photography could commence, I had one more hurdle to clear. Similarly to lacking equipment, I also lacked actors. Soderbergh had Claire Foy, but I had only myself and my step-dog, Baxter. So I figured “what the hell”, Baxter and I would take top billing, and the results speak for themselves. 


I wouldn’t necessarily call this “a work of art”, but it was a fun challenge to make a film with little means and resources. Thanks to some help from my girlfriend and a bag of treats for Bax, I'm proud to present: Tips for Working from Home.